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ScummVM - Sierra Games (Leisure Suit Larry, Space Quest, Freddi Pharkas)


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Never requested anything before so I'm not exactly sure how this works, but I've completed themes for the classic Sierra games Space Quest 1-5, nearly completed themes for Leisure Suit Larry 1-6 (no 4 because there was no 4), and nearly completed Freddi Pharkas.  They are looking pretty slick, but they'd look a lot nicer with video previews!  A couple video previews exist already, but here are the ones that don't:


Leisure Suit Larry 2

Leisure Suit Larry 3

Leisure Suit Larry 5

Leisure Suit Larry 6

Space Quest 3

Space Quest 4

Space Quest 5

Space Quest 6

Freddi Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist


I'd be sincerely grateful to see these get added to the collection at some point!  I should have my themes completed and uploaded to the Hyperspin team within the next week or so!


edit: Adding a couple screenshots to show that I'm not blowing hot air!



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