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Help Finding Duplicates in Nintendo DS Japanese sets


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After having some requests for the Japanese sets I decided to include them as not to be biased to the other collector out there. To my suprise there were a lot (A way lot ) to believe that many could not have a english release. I do not speak Japanese but if anybody out there can spot the games that are duplicate to the english set PM me (with the name and number that it is duplicate to in the USA set) as it will help to having a no duplicate set.So I could really use some help here.


I gone through the Japanese titles and removed the duplicate titles to USA sets and other regions based (sorted) on numbering. But this was done based on the database at advanscene (it will not all match up with Advanscene names or numbering). I believe there are still some duplicate titles as the database is based on a parent, clone relationship than the titles or game. This can happen because a game might be released in another region by a different company and therefore does not meet the clone relationship.or released under a different title.. Believe me I had a hard time finding the covers due to the different spellings. I posted the dat that was used which is the same as the USA set but with numbers. I have not created the list or dat to pull them out of the full set yet (as I'm working on updating my other sets) as this is a work in progress. With theese Japenese set I fear that the names will always be changing as no group spells it the same (Gamefaq,Gamespot ,IGN nor the release groups) which is why I kept the numbers. . The other regions have also been done those are numbered also due to duplicate of other regions..


Right now they can be had on ftp under Rooster Nintendo DS

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None at all so I guess we leave it at that. I'll  try to get to get the next release out sometime  soon  as I am still in process of updating other sets So I'm looking by the end of the month. to match the new set.

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