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SNES - Complete, Accurate USA Retail Box Art Collection


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SNES - Complete, Accurate USA Retail Box Art Collection

I created these back when the SNES mini (and Hakchi) came out so the resolution is a bit lower that I wished I would have started this with. With that out of the way, I obsessively ensured the box art is as clean as possible and as accurate to the original box art as possible. Everything has been accounted for to include original misprint oddities such as Dino City's upside down/backwards lower-right stamp. Every single retail-released box art is available and even some customs that I made like Super Mario All-Stars + SMW, taking into account the style of a 1994 first-party box and the orange, white, green fade on the retail cartridge. Anyway, my point is that a great amount of attention to detail was used in creating these.



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