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Configuring NullDC 1.6 to Hyperspin


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Hello Everyone,


Im new here, but want to start of with some help. I have NullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe running, and runs great as a standalone. But, i am trying to configure it to work out of Hyperspin, but i am having a really hard time with that.


If you have this setup and running out of Hyperspin, i would really appreciate your assistance and steps to accomplishing this.


Thanks in advance.

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Well I don't use hyperspin but to automate the process you have to configure the emulator to the following:


The emulator (nullDC.cfg) file should be edited as follows:



Unfounately once you do this you can longer have the option to change the game out of hyperspin. In other words it will only run 1 game out of Hyperspin. What it does is start any game that is supplied by the frontend. As Hyperspin tries to control each emulator by way of scripts (set up and all as people can't learn how to set up the emulator) instead of just relying on the command line:


nullDC -config ImageReader:defaultImage= "Path to your file"


Don;t forget to set Hyperspin to the same path (where the CDs or Gdis are) and the path to the exe file.

As I dont know how hypersin enters the file, I dont know if this might work for you. ( with my FE $02 represents the path and file name)


I hope this helps

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