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A quick question about Emu Movies and profit

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I was wondering if the author of the videos on this website would be against others using them in their own videos and actually making a profit from it?

The reason I am asking is that I know of quite a few people doing this and if the author doesn't want this to happen I was only be too happy to forward the video links to them.


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I'm not a fan of it but it what it is. I've seen a lot of videos I recorded over the years show up in monetized Youtube videos and just shrugged. Personally I'd prefer if people would just support Circo and this site with a membership above all else. So if they want to use my vids in their projects, I can't stop anyone and wish they'd at least give credit to this site and send traffic this way. We've put a lot of hours into playing, recording and editing those vid sets. This place deserves the support.

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