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Couple of Saturn Imports: Baroque and Wrinkle River Story


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Wrinkle River sometimes get's called Linkle Liver also. Thanks!


I wanted to make captures for these two games last night (as well as a few other Saturn games), but I ran into the same problem I've had in the past with Saturn games.  I can't figure out how to force SSF to a window size of 640x480.  I'm fairly certain, I've tried every combination of options at this point and the closest I've found produced captures (using fraps) of 640x470.


I did also try using Yabause.  While I could get the correct resolution, the games would either speed up and slow down too much while attempting to capture video (under software mode) or were at least slightly distorted (under OpenGL mode).  Does anyone know what emulator and settings were used for the captures currently on the ftp?

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