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Download Service Utility dropout issue


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Thanks for making this awesome tool! I great timesaver - fantastic!

Just some feedback relating to the way the program handles internet dropouts and reconnections.

The first time my internet connection dropped I came back to the Download Service Utility (DSU) and found that it had stopped with a popup window saying it couldn't resolve the URL (or something similar). I had to restart by pressing the GO! button again. Unfortunately this means it starts scanning from the beginning again until it finds missing files to start redownloading. When you are fixing up media for near 10000 files that can take some time to rescan again to get to where it was before the dropout.

The second time I lost my internet connection the DSU stayed running and once the internet reconnected the scanning continued but the downloaded file sat there for about 5 minutes without moving. I thought it may not recover and was just about to cancel it when it did actually continue downloading.

So it seems the program does handle some drop outs but if it is too long you get the popup message and have to start again. It would be great if there was a "Resume" button so if the dropout is too long or it can't resolve the URL for whatever reason you can get yourself back on the net and then simply press resume and the DSU would continue from where it stopped rather than rescanning from the beginning again.

Just a thought for you to consider. I realise it's only version 1.0.

Thanks again for an excellent tool.


- Just had my third dropout from the internet. This time the DSU stopped scanning and downloading for about 5 mins after reconnection and then finally popped up this error: "Search Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server". This was different to the first dropout popup but the result is the same. I have to now restart scanning from the beginning again.

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I would be more worried about your connection dropping so much. I have never seen a drop personally and I have a large collection. :)

That being said it may be quite simple to add a Retry and a Cancel button to the MessageBox, but of course that would depend on the underlying code.

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That is a fair comment Raiden! To be fair we did have some storms in the area and since the 3rd dropout it has continued on it's merry way through the night. So not such a big deal obviously with a more stable connection. Anyway I thought I'd pass on the observation as it will affect people if they get internet dropouts and if you don't keep an eye on it you may find it's stopped at the popup window when you come back to look at it which isn't ideal.

Anyway, as mentioned before it's a fantastic tool regardless! :)

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