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C64 video snaps for gamebase64 release v18?

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Does anyone know if or where proper .mp4 video snaps exist for the C64 gamebase v18 release? I have looked and can't find anything online...


I've been working on a super huge retropie build and am using predominantly no_intro, redump, tosec, exodos as a source of truth for roms. However I think gamebase64 should be considered the source of truth for C64 roms, or at the very least, the games-list. However, where ever I look online, there is a measly few thousand roms in various sets, which means no video snaps exist for most. Perhaps ~29K roms are a few too many for most people?

Anyhow, I found a script someone created to convert the set into a gamelist, but I find the gb zip names a little frustration in terms of use on the retropie folder, so with a lot of trial and effort and various tools, I have managed to convert the GB short zip names to full titled names; examples; "Last Ninja , The (1987) - [04284].zip, Last Ninja II (1988) - [04285].zip, Last Ninja III (1991) - [04286].zip, Last Ninja IV, The (1994) - [04287].zip, Last Ninja Remix (1990) - [04288].zip". I have kept the gb# to ensure unique names can exist and also to ensure they can be mapped back if needed. This has helped me map and rename the corresponding screenshots.png.

I've run some scrapes with Skraper but overall the results are somewhat inaccurate with many games given the total, so I will continue with some manual and some semi automated work to finalise an accurate gamelist. Next I need to work out how to export and import the correct meta data for game descriptions etc. I think Skyscraper will be the go with generating a full gamelist given it's ability to allow imports.

Anyhow, I have found an old link to videos from gamebase v15, and they are definitely better than nothing, but they see to be animated gifs converted to .mp4, and have no audio and no gameplay which means they don't really fit with the screensaver use in retropie/emulation station!

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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