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What does the download utility match for sets that don't use roms?


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For Taito Type X, Type X2, and Daphne specifically.

For the Taito games, it was digging through every little file (over 5,000) looking for matches and I'm not sure my files meet any standardized naming convention anyway.

I started to download them through the FTP service, but it disconnected. If I could just copy all the files it's looking for into a folder and point it to that, it would go a lot quicker.

For Daphne, I pointed the download utility to a folder containing a dummy rom zip file for each game and it only downloaded a few of them.

I'll try again once Daphne is actually installed, but I'm curious as to how the download utility works.

Is there a way for the utility to download all the videos for a set without having to match them to roms?

I'll give the FTP service another try, but would prefer the download utility.

Very happy with everything so far Circo!

EDIT: FTP service seems to have downloaded everything just fine. Still curious about the question though.

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