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Request: Game Boy Advance Pokemon games France region


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Pokemon games, from GB to 3DS, seem to have proper video snaps for their French versions. GBA is the only one standing out with at least video snaps of what seems to be USA version. Others just don't have any, at least any that are downloaded from LB paid android version. I checked on the PC version of LB and no videos either for the GB system. Since I gotta make a topic per system, here we go for the Game Boy Advance :

*GBA games actually get a video snap, just from the wrong region, probably USA since the text is in english. It's the least urgent IMO

- Pokemon - Version Emeraude (France).zip (Identified by LB as Pokémon Emerald Version, ID#2365)

- Pokemon - Version Rouge Feu (France).zip (Identified by LB as Pokémon FireRed Version, ID#3490)

- Pokemon - Version Vert Feuille (France).zip (Identified by LB as Pokémon LeafGreen Version, ID#2314)

- Pokemon - Version Rubis (France) (Rev 1).zip (Identified by LB as Pokémon Ruby Version, ID#2363)

- Pokemon - Version Saphir (France) (Rev 1).zip (Identified by LB as Pokémon Sapphire Version, ID#2364)

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