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ABeezy's Nintendo Game Boy Color Carts


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ABeezy's Nintendo Game Boy Color Carts

Yoooo its April fools day, one of the stupid day's!!! However instead of attempting a lame joke I am dropping the next set of carts hot of the press!

Here are all 444 official released NTSC Nintendo Game Boy Color front carts. These are all high-res and much better and more accurate then what is currently out there (The current sets actually use both fake carts and inaccurate carts). Also unique to this set compared to what's out there is actual accuracy of the several different GBC cart variants and their PCB's as well as all the DMG numbers .I have named them using the no-intro naming scheme. When dropping these in your Launchbox build. There are a few boxes that may not auto-load; you will have to manually update your game name in Launchbox using the alternate naming.


There are a few carts that have very very very limited/scare images online so if anyone finds any improvements down the line, drop me a DM with a link and I can update. Also, If anyone notices any issues or anything let me know (Especially doing 444 carts... there potentially could be an error with a DMG number or even a half vs full PCB on the clear carts but they SHOULD be good.) Enjoy!!!!


Also, you may download my matching Nintendo Game Boy Color box fronts [coming soon].

(File List) Nintendo GameBoy Color (2D Carts)(ABeezy1388 1.0).txt

Spawn (USA).png

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