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MAME Video Snaps on PinballX


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I downloaded all of the available video snaps for my MAME ROMs.  The videos for the vertical games play fine, but the horizontal game videos are rotated.  Please see the attached images.  Its a Vpin cabinet and I play all games on the main playfield.  I am not using any special rotation on the displays via WIndows.  I use PinballX to rotate the display 270 degrees.  This seems to work just fine for the vertical videos, but not the horizontal.  I don't really understand why.  I would assumed it would play with letterboxing.  If I play the videos directly from the desktop, they all play as expected.  Its almost as if PinballX is treating the horizontal videos differently and ignoring the rotation

Any ideas?  I'm guessing this is more of a PinballX problem?

I appreciate any help!






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