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EmuMovies Sync Video Files




I has been many years since I last updated my mame  / Visual Pinball videos, but using the latest EmuMoves Sync v2.55, I have the following questions - Sorry if the questions have been raised before:

1. I noticed a message appears when attempting to down load AVI videos. I mentions that AVI files are no longer supported and replaced with MP4. Does this mean that we should only be using MP4 videos only in the future. If that is the case, if it worth while removing the AVI options from the EmuMoves Sync v2.55 selection list?


2. What is the difference between the following MP4 options:




Is it that "MP4_HD" is better quality that "MP4_HI_QUAL" and "MP4_HI_QUAL"  is better quality than "MP4", based on file comparison?

I note that the "MP4_HD" look bigger than the other two video formats ("MP4_HI_QUAL" & "MP4")


3. Visual Pinball video question:s

a) I note that there is no option for "Video_MP4" and "Video_MP4_HI_QUAL" formats. The only video format available is "Video_MP4_HD". Why is that?

b) I note the videos available from EmuMoves Sync v2.55 for the tables are only the table with lights activated, but not the video of the table being played. Is there videos available showing the table being played?

c) Is there an table wheel logo download available like there is for mame?


4. MAME video question:

From some videos that I have downloaded for testing, I note that the videos are available in the format "Video_MP4" and "Video_MP4_HI_QUAL" formats, but not for "Video_MP4_HD" format. Example videos are: "gng.mp4" and "outrun.mp4". Why are there more roms videos supported under the formats "Video_MP4" and "Video_MP4_HI_QUAL" and not "Video_MP4_HD"?





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I do not work on the site but I think I can answer this.

They only offer them in those formats because that is what they are currently uploaded in and take up a decent amount of space on a server.  As for why they some aren't available in HD, its because they haven't been uploaded in those resolutions yet.

To have them in HD, someone will have to get ahold of HD content in them to encode them into it,  having an AI upscale them would both take forever and the results can be mixed and still not much an actual HD source.

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