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Video Discussion: Zelda Ultima COLLECTION Definitive !!


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Name: Zelda Ultima COLLECTION Definitive !!
Category: Front-End Demos
Date Added: 11/12/2021
Submitter: pademonium

The 1.1 in outline:

* It's a stand alone, (a big box completely dedicated to Zelda)

We gain in flexibility and speed because less media)

* New "home" and pre Launch view. reorganizations, and redesign of icons.

New quick launch bar

* Bonus section no longer provided (it's up to you to fill it as you wish)

* The addition of a timeline: I would have well realized the whole of the timeline but the time was against me. So I contented myself with the gametrailer timeline (made 16 years ago!) That I put together and adapted to the interface.
  source: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v = fgzPe ...
* Made fans + their dedicated theme and icons, what do you want? Here is it with: solarus and parallel worlds which was clamored for;)
  * 2 view new views for the main menu see 3 if we count the full screen
* 2 New view of pre-launches including one inspired by pegasus (the frontend) and "the poch" the faeran theme.

What makes us:
  6 view for the main menu
5 "games" views
3 different pre-launch views
1 hidden chest view
1 view hey listen
Addition of credits.

Starting from nothing in 2019 I made everything from icons, to cinematic themes to the menu, and all the backgrounds are animated by me. A long-term job that I am very proud to present to you today and that I will share

I have planned 5 Ultima format here is the next one :



Zelda Ultima COLLECTION Definitive !!

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