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Panasonic 3DO 2D Boxes Pack (2 Versions)(High Res)


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Panasonic 3DO 2D Boxes Pack (2 Versions)(High Res)

Here you will find 182 covers for the 3DO in 2 flavours.

1: With Spine (3DO Custom.zip)

2: Without Spine (3DO No Spine.zip)

3: Templates To create New Or Missing Covers (Template.zip)

* Covers are .PNG format.*

* Covers are the following dimensions - (With Spine 1539x2156) (No Spine 1197x2156)*

This took me several months of 16 plus hour days to complete. I don't have a clue what I'm doing and was high most of the time. I did this project because I wanted to do something special for my good friend. One of his favourite memories was renting a 3DO from a tiny corner store/video shop and playing Road Rash. Some of my fondest memories come from gaming as well. The images found were sources from all over the net. Many were pre-made covers that were found in various places. Many were from ebay amazon photos on blogs etc... A large bunch are also made from scratch to fill a void. Using skewed box images or multiple box pictures. A bunch of text I tried to recreate and some are my best shot at recreations. Some titles I could not source any good images for. This is NOT an accurate collection by any means. I hope you guys find this useful until someone is able to make a very nice accurate one. Please if you download this take a second to say Hi and comment.

Be safe all.


CyberDillo (USA).png    CyberDillo (USA).png


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    (With Spine 1539x2156) (No Spine 1197x2156)
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    Available: Yes
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    Official/Artwork/Panasonic 3DO


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1933322894_AIShogi-01.jpg.9a46f6098d3636bddc6aa8b76cb54f58.jpgDo you have the template you used to create this type of box art. It is a square rather than rectangular. This is created differently than the the rectangular. Or can you guide me through creating this type for missing box arts. 

Or would you like me to tell you which ones I am missing and you create them? Either way works for me. I'm a noob to this as well.

Great job btw. You do great work!!

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