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is there a way to download individual videos? /heyguys

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Hey all. Recently I decided to set up and run hyperspin, and have been looking at the media for that. thing is - because I threw my hands up at the number of crappy games in goodsets, etc - I only have a handful of games for which I want the media. for relatively modern systems, however, (the N64), it seems like the only way to download what videos I want without downloading the entire set for the system is to pay for FTP access. (the torrent seems to be way out of date)

Now I appreciate the hard work the community has put into this - in fact, when I was little, I wanted to make a project like this, and now that I've discovered it exists, I'd love to get involved someday (with but world enough an time) - but I don't want to toss money in it's direction the first day I found it, nor do I want to be a hassle to your servers by downloading more than I need. It seems, though, that I have to do one or the other. Am I missing something? If I'm not, I just want to speak up in case someone out there is fooling with the site and looking for improvements to be made.

Anyways, the amount of content on this site is great, and I'm glad some people love old games as much or more than I do, so thanks!

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