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Issue with recently updated Gamecube HQ movies on the FTP - Aspect Ratio failure

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I was updating some older videos in my Gamecube collection, and was excited to see there were many new updates in the official Video Snaps HQ. I grabbed a few I was missing and replaced my Pikmin 2, but then I noticed something odd about these new ones.

They were all stretched in Widescreen. Which is especially galling, because most GC games now have a functional Widescreen patch that provides appropriate aspect ratio with widescreen.

Please, take a look at these...I don't understand how they became official. I'm glad to see the submission process ensures a more consistent product, with the main menu screen and gameplay in separate files, but the review should also ensure they are in the correct aspect ratio.

Love emumovies...happy to be a lifetime member. Hoping this is as concerning to Emumovies and others as it is to me.


Thank you!

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Looking further into this, it doesn't seem that all gamecube video snaps that were updated on 3/11/2020 all suffer from this same issue.

For instance, the Nintendo GameCube Preview Disc (USA).mp4 appears to be in the correct aspect ration (4:3). But, the Pikmin 2 is stretched.

I'll see if there is a more official path to alerting on this issue. I'm hoping that this is the sort of quality that people would want to see fixed.

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