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Interest in all in one button interface and LED controller?


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I have been looking at button interfaces and LED controllers trying to decide what to use for a two player setup. I want to have RGB lit buttons and joysticks. I would have 2 joysticks plus ~20 buttons (22 RGB LEDs = 66 LED outputs). This would mean I would need a joystick/button interface (~$40) and at least two LED-Wiz (32 port) ($45x2 = $90) LED controllers. That would cost $130 just for controllers and consume 3 USB ports.

I am an electronic engineer and was thinking of designing my own all in one board which would scan 20 buttons plus 2 joysticks and be able to drive the 22 RBG LEDs (PWM each color of course). I would be able to build the boards for ~$80-$90 each (a savings of ~$40-$50, and they would only use ONE USB port and take up MUCH less space! One board as opposed to 3!)

If I were to design this board would there be any interest in anyone else purchasing one? Also, what other features would you like to see in its design?

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Take a closer look at the popular encoders (iPac, GP Wiz) the LED modules (from both the same companies) and improve on them. A combined and improved board would certainly sell like hot cakes, especially if you keep the prices LOW and you ramp up the inputs. And like Lanman (above) says, a shift function would make it even more popular.

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