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PSP UMD Discs (Missing)


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PSP disc download via sync but are not available via the download section. MISSING discs include:

101 in 1 Megamix (USA)

Aces of War (Europe)

AFL Challenge (Australia)

Ape Academy 2 (Europe)

Ape Quest (USA)

Armored Core - Last Raven Portable (USA)

Armored Core - Silent Line Portable (USA)

Armored Core 3 Portable (USA)

Arthur and the Minimoys (Europe)

Asphalt - Urban GT 2 (Europe)

Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 - Mission WiFix (Europe)

Auditorium (USA)

Beats (Europe)

Bejeweled 2 (USA)

Beta Bloc (USA)

Black Rock Shooter - The Game (USA)

Bliss Island (Europe)

Brain Challenge (USA)

Brandish - The Dark Revenant (USA)

Breath of Fire III (Europe)

Brian Lara 2007 - Pressure Play (Europe)

Buzz! - Brain of the World (Europe)

Buzz! - Quiz World (USA)

Buzz! Brain Bender (Europe)

Buzz! Brain of Oz (Australia)

Buzz! Brain of the UK (Europe)

Buzz! The Ultimate Music Quiz (Europe)

Carnage Heart EXA (USA)

Castle Rustle (Europe)

Championship Manager (Europe)

Championship Manager 2006 (Europe)

Championship Manager 2007 (Europe)

Cho Aniki Zero (USA)

Cladun - This is an RPG! (USA)

Cladun x2 (USA)

Class of Heroes 2 (USA)

Colin McRae Rally 2005 Plus (Europe)

Corpse Party - Book of Shadows (USA)

Corpse Party (USA)

Cover Girl (Europe)

Creature Defense (USA)

Crimson Room Reverse (USA)

Crystal Defenders (USA)

Crystal Mines (Europe)

Diabolik - The Original Sin (Europe)

Dissidia 012 - Prologus Final Fantasy (USA)

Donkey Xote (Europe)

Dragon's Lair (USA)

Echochrome (USA)

Echoshift (Europe)

Elminage Original (USA)

End of Serenity (USA)

Everyday Shooter (USA)

Exit 2 (Europe)

Eye of Judgment, The - Legends (USA)

EyePet (USA)

EyePet Adventures (Europe)

F1 Grand Prix (Europe)

Fate-Unlimited Codes (USA)

Fate-Unlimited Codes (USA) (Undub)


Final Armada (Europe)

Final Fantasy III (USA)

flOw (USA)

Football Manager Handheld (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2007 (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2008 (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2009 (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2010 (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2011 (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2012 (Europe)

Football Manager Handheld 2013 (Europe)

Ford Street Racing - XR Edition (Australia)

Formula One 2006 (Europe)

Freak Out - Extreme Freeride (Europe)

Free Running (Europe)

Fullmetal Alchemist - Brotherhood (Europe)

Generation of Chaos - Pandora's Reflection (USA)

Geronimo Stilton - Return to the Kingdom of Fantasy (Europe)

Geronimo Stilton in the Kingdom of Fantasy - The Videogame (Europe)

Go! Puzzle (USA)

God of War - Chains of Olympus (USA)

Gravity Crash Portable (USA)

Groovin' Blocks (USA)

GTI Club - Supermini Festa! (USA)

Hello Kitty - Puzzle Party (Europe)

History Channel - Great Battles of Rome (Europe)

Hoard (USA)

Hot Shots Shorties - Blue Pack (USA)

Hot Shots Shorties - Green Pack (USA)

Hot Shots Shorties - Red Pack (USA)

Hot Shots Shorties - Yellow Pack (USA)

I Am an Air Traffic Controller - Airport Hero Tokyo (USA)

Impossible Mission (Europe)

International Athletics (Europe)

International Cricket Captain III (Europe)

Invizimals - Collectible Card Game - Hidden Challenges (Europe)

Invizimals - The Lost Tribes (USA)

Jungle Party (Europe)

KAZooK! (Europe)

King of Clubs (Europe)

King of Pool (USA)

Kurulin Fusion (USA)

Lanfeust of Troy (Europe)

Legends of War - Patton's Campaign (USA)

Little Britain - The Video Game (Europe)

LocoRoco - Midnight Carnival (USA)

Magic Sudoku (Europe)

Mega Minis Volume 1 (Europe)

Mega Minis Volume 2 (Europe)

Mega Minis Volume 3 (Europe)

Military History - Commander - Europe at War (USA)

MLB 09 - The Show (USA)

Myst (USA)

Mystery Team, The (Europe)

Mystic Chronicles (USA)

NeoGeo Heroes Ultimate Shooting (USA)

No Gravity - The Plague of Mind (USA)

No Heroes Allowed! (USA)

Numblast (USA)

Patchwork Heroes (USA)

Peggle (USA)

Phineas and Ferb - Across the 2nd Dimension (USA)

Pilot Academy (Europe)

Pinball Heroes (USA)

Piyotama (USA)

Pool Hall Pro (USA)

Pro Bull Riders - Out of the Chute (USA)

Pro Cycling Season 2007 - Le Tour de France (Europe)

Pro Cycling Season 2008 - Le Tour de France (Europe)

Pro Cycling Season 2009 - Le Tour de France (Europe)

Pro Cycling Season 2010 - Le Tour de France (Europe)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (Europe)

Puyo Pop Fever (Europe)

Puzzler Collection (Europe)

Real Madrid - The Game (Europe)

Red Star, The (USA)

Ridge Racer 2 (Europe)

Rugby League Challenge (Europe)

Samurai Shodown Anthology (USA, Asia)

Savage Moon - The Hera Campaign (USA)

SBK 07 - Superbike World Championship (Europe)

SBK 09 - Superbike World Championship (Europe)

Shinobido - Tales of the Ninja (Europe)

Silverfall (Europe)

Skate Park City (Europe)

Space Invaders Evolution (Europe)

Spectral vs Generation (Europe)

StateShift (USA)

Street Riders (Europe)

StreetKix - Freestyle (USA)

Strikers 1945 Plus (USA)

Super Fruit Fall Deluxe Edition (Europe)

Super Hind (Europe)

Super Pocket Tennis (USA)

Super Stardust Portable (USA)

Susume Tactics! (USA)

Sweet Fuse - At Your Side (USA)

Syphon Filter - Combat Ops (USA)

T.A.C. Heroes - Big Red One (USA)

Tales of Eternia (Europe)

Tales of Eternia (Europe) (Undub)

TalkMan Euro (Europe)

Telly Addicts (Europe)

Tenchu - Time of the Assassins (Europe)

Thexder Neo (USA)

TNT Racers (USA)

ToCA Race Driver 2 (Europe)

ToCA Race Driver 3 Challenge (Europe)

Unbound Saga (USA)

Unchained Blades (USA)

Unchained Blades (USA) (Undub)

Uno (USA)

Valhalla Knights 2 - Battle Stance (USA)

Vertigo (USA)

Voodoo Dice (Europe)

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord! (USA)

White Knight Chronicles - Origins (Europe)

White Knight Chronicles - Origins (Europe) (Undub)

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - Party Edition (Europe)

World of Pool (Europe)

World Snooker Challenge 2005 (Europe)

World Snooker Challenge 2007 (Europe)

Worms - Battle Islands (USA)

WWII - Battle Over the Pacific (Europe)

Xtreme Party (EUR)

Xyanide - Resurrection (Europe)

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Tag Force 3 (Europe)

Zendoku (Europe)

Zuma (Europe)

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