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1G1R Commandline tool (with C# Class)

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Hey all,

I got lazy and tired of using clrmamepro to create 1G1R romsets for frontends.  I prefer to be able to batch do things via CLI rather than multiple clicks.

So this weekend I set out to make a way to do this, and I've accomplished that task and I thought I'd share it with you all; End users and Developers 🙂

I've managed to match CLRMAMEPRO's 1G1R output in all of my tests (There might still be tests I haven't done and would look forward to issues submitted).


So the main star of this post is; https://gitlab.com/shaneburger/no-intro-1g1r-csharp-class

Which is the main heavy lifter, which anyone can use in their programs to create and customize 1G1R rom lists.  I've included an example using the C# class, but hopefully i've spelled out the class well enough to show how Developers can use it.

SEE: https://gitlab.com/shaneburger/no-intro-1g1r-csharp-class/blob/master/README.md


I coded it in DotNet 4.7.2 but realised I couldn't use that on Linux via Mono, so I converted it to DotNet 2.0 so that Linux and MacOS peeps can use it as well 🙂


I've made a simple cli frontend using the class: No-Intro_1G1R_Batcher;

Source: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3b2mh3q2345ttdm/No-Intro_1G1R_Batcher_SourceCode.zip/file

Binary: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4jgxil070y4inw4/No-Intro_1G1R_Batcher_Binary.zip/file


No-Intro 1G1R Batcher
No-Intro_1G1R_Batcher.exe "c:\No-intro.dat" "c:\sourceroms" "c:\1g1r_roms\destroms" "zip" "USA,EUR,JPN"

"c:\No-intro.dat"     = No-Intro Dat File
"c:\sourceroms"       = Source Rom Directory
"c:\1g1r_roms\destroms" = Where to copy 1G1R Roms
"zip"            = Rom Extension
"USA,EUR,JPN"        = Region Priority & Inclusion


The best way to use this is have a near Complete Romset and matching DAT file.

I'm now working on a 2.0 that will do CRC checks and import your roms and base the 1g1r on your HAVE roms.  No idea when it will be done, probably when I get the feeling to do it.


Hopefully this helps people out,


Love Shane.



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