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Bug and Feature Suggestions



Hey Circo



I came across a bug when downloading NES "Box" Artwork where it would only download files from T-Z leaving out the rest...


##Suggestion .1 (Input)

Least important suggestion but it would be nice if there was a "Custom" option under the "Artwork" tab where then it'll refer to a settings page where artwork set could either be checked or not,

For example: I could check "Box", "Snap", "Title" and "Videos" and it will download those set for what ever platform I need them for...

Also It would be handy if there was another option so that "Sync" will only download the media that's available across the (4) sets I had pre-selected.


##Suggestion .2 (Output)

It would be extremely useful if there were some more output options particular  matching "Media" filenames to the "Roms" filenames.

And/Or, export the rom and all media files to a "Folder" where the foldername match's the "Rom's" filename...

For example: "Sony Playstation" >> "Rom Filename" >> "Rom and Media Files"

Media filenames within the folder could be named to match their category...

For example: "Box.png", "Snap.png", "Title.png", "VideoSD.mp4", "VideoHQ.mp4"


##My Reasons for the Suggestions

I'm tryin to put together some roms the be emulated on the "Original Xbox" where the emulators work by having certain media in specific folders and all files must match!

Xbox emulators don't use a "metadata.xml" file to tie everything together like "LaunchBox" or "RetroPie", its all about directories and matching filenames...

I'm trying to match what I can to  the "NoIntro" and "Redump" sets, particularly media for "Box", "Snap", "Title" and "Videos"....


Cheers, Nem...

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First, off, thanks for this utility it's awesome! Feature I would like to see added to the Sync utility: Show progress on sync in Win taskbar. I attached a file showing what I mean.


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