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new user with a few questions


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I recently found out about HS and thought it would be perfect for my htpc.. it will be when the next version is out with joypad support out the box.

1. A while ago I downloaded the 15gb torrent which contained lots of videos - Are the HQ ones only on the FTP? are they really that noticeable?

2. When will the revised MAME videos be released? with the smoother transitions and normalized music

3. Would I be wrong in thinking.. if I just bought a 1 year ftp membership pretty much all the videos for consoles etc would be complete within that time (for popular systems like snes, genesis etc.)

4. Is the FTP well laid out and unarchived? the hyperspin ftp has many zipped archives which are a pain as you have to download then extract.

5. I notice in the download section there are a lot of mame sets with things like cabinets, snaps etc etc. What is the point of these if you're using HS with themes.

6. Is there somekind of project log for % complete etc.

Thanks in advance.

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1. I don't know which torrent you are talking about, and I think HQ videos are indeed only in the FTP. And yes, the difference is easily seen. It all depends on what front-end you are using. If it takes advantage of HQ videos (full screen, or 640x480), then the HQ videos will look much better than the "stretched" low quality ones.

2. No idea, that's Circo's court if I'm not mistaken.

3. I redid the NES and SNES sets myself not too long ago in HQ, and I think Circo has finalized them too. So you won't have to wait for those. As for the rest, I have planned on starting a HQ set of either the Master System or the Genesis in HQ, but haven't started yet.

4. Every video in the FTP is unarchived, but art is. Meaning, .jpgs and .pngs are all zipped together. So each system has a "Boxes" zip, a "Snaps" zip, a "Carts" zip, etc..

5. Not everyone is using HyperSpin. I use GameEx myself and some others are still using older Front-Ends.

6. Not really. ATM, it's a matter of, if it's not in the FTP, someone needs to do it. There's a LOT in the "Work-in-Progress" section but it's still missing quite a lot. There are thousands and thousands of video games, so a little bit of organization would truly help a lot.

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Thanks man, cleared a lot up.

My htpc runs hyperspin at 1080p so in that case it would be best to go for hq.

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also new and a littel bit lost beetween SQ, HQ and HiQ video snaps.

I understood the HQ and SQ meaning but what about HiQ video snaps ??

are thoose the MAME Enhanced Edition circo is working on ?

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No idea if those are the "Enhanced" ones, but HQ and HiQ should be the same resolution (640x480). Maybe Circo can clarify this better.

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Maybe Circo can clarify this better.

I must admit that, that was the goal of my question :D

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