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I'm missing some FLV intro videos for SNES


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Am I missing something, this is what is missing on the ftp. Mr Do and Ms Pacman have to be available at least right?

Any idea where I can find the following? These are all I'm missing. Thanks

90 minutes - european prime goal (europe).zip

adventures of tintin, the - prisoners of the sun (europe) (en,fr,de,es).zip

asterix & obelix (europe) (en,fr,de,es).zip

asterix (europe) (en,fr,de,es).zip

blazing skies (europe).zip

clay fighter (usa).zip

desert strike - return to the gulf (usa).zip

dino dini's soccer! (europe) (en,fr,de).zip

dirt racer (europe) (en,fr,de).zip

f1 pole position 2 (europe).zip

fifa 98 - road to world cup (europe) (en,fr,de,es,it,sv).zip

firemen, the (europe) (en,fr,de).zip

firepower 2000 (usa).zip

hebereke's popoitto (europe).zip

hebereke's popoon (europe).zip

humans, the (europe).zip

hungry dinosaurs (europe).zip

james pond 3 - operation starfish (europe).zip

jelly boy (europe).zip

kevin keegan's player manager (europe).zip

kick off (europe).zip

kick off 3 - european challenge (europe) (en,fr,de,es,it).zip

king of the monsters 2 (usa).zip

marko's magic football (europe) (en,fr,de,es).zip

mega lo mania (europe) (en,fr,de).zip

mickey's ultimate challenge (usa).zip

micro machines 2 - turbo tournament (europe).zip

mr. do! (usa).zip

ms. pac-man (usa).zip

parodius - non-sense fantasy (europe).zip

pop'n twinbee (europe).zip

pop'n twinbee - rainbow bell adventures (europe).zip

populous ii - trials of the olympian gods (europe).zip

power drive (europe) (en,fr,de,es,pt).zip

powermonger (europe).zip

putty squad (europe).zip

puzzle bobble - bust-a-move (europe).zip

smash tennis (europe).zip

smurfs, the (europe) (en,fr,de,es,it).zip

spirou (europe) (en,fr,de,es).zip

super b.c. kid (europe).zip

super bomberman 3 (europe).zip

super dropzone (europe).zip

super ice hockey (europe).zip

super international cricket (europe).zip

super morph (europe).zip

suzuka 8 hours (usa).zip

syvalion (europe).zip

terranigma (europe).zip

theme park (europe) (en,fr,de).zip

tintin in tibet (europe) (en,fr,de,nl).zip

top gear 3000 (usa).zip

turbo toons (europe).zip

virtual soccer (europe).zip

waterworld (europe).zip

whirlo (europe).zip

winter gold (europe).zip

world class rugby (europe).zip

world cup striker (europe) (en,fr,de).zip

world heroes 2 (usa).zip

world masters golf (europe).zip

world soccer 94 - road to glory (usa).zip

worms (europe).zip

wwf super wrestlemania (usa).zip

x zone (japan, usa).zip

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I see in another older post that Creloce had uploaded these Europe videos for snes to the ftp under WIP in his folder. The Creloce folder is no longer on the ftp, anyone know where I can find these videos now?


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