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OrionsAngel - Retroarch Overlays with TV Screen Glare

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OrionsAngel - Retroarch Overlays with TV Screen Glare

This is for fans of overlays and shaders with a TV tube glare reflection. I've been working on these for a while. Some are made completely by me and some are altered works from other creators which are credited below. I hope everyone likes them.

Shader used is crt-geom

Example of TV Glare Effect - http://bit.ly/2hl7i1f

Examples of Overlays - http://bit.ly/2hWEPQ5

The television glare effect came from,





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    • By Orionsangel
      View File My Realistic Arcade Overlay Collection for Retroarch (Part 1)
      Well here it is, Pack #1 of my realistic Arcade overlays for Retroarch using a Mame core. These overlay bezels are made to work with Retroarch using the Mame2014 or Mame2016 core. These arcade overlays use crt geom shader in Retroarch. This setup works in conjunction with Launchbox. The instructions on how to install them is in the pack. The sample images are not every overlay included. There's hundreds more. Hope you guys like them!
      This pack also includes some alternative overlays for certain games which are not seen in this video. So there you have it. I really hope you guys like it. If you have any problems setting it up let me know. 

      Thanks to ArsInvictus who provided some of these unique bezels. Including original work and restored bezels.
      Check out ArsInvictus's other awesome 4K overlays here - https://bit.ly/36zpYkx

      Thanks to Mr. RetroLust as well

      Thanks to https://arcadeartwork.com for their original source material
      Thanks to the community at Mr. Do's website for making these bezels available.
      I could not make most of these realistic arcade bezels without their talent and efforts.
      Thanks to John Merrit as well.
      Submitter Orionsangel Submitted 01/15/2020 Category Bezel & Overlay Submissions Resolution 1920x1080 Naming File Count 304  
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