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Epic LauncBox Collaboration Theme


This was designed as a tribute to all of the amazing content creators besides myself who give all they have to this
community and movement! Thank you for all your hardwork and dedication. The theme is 29 seconds long purposely 1080p HD res

Intros have been integrated as of 7.8 You can download THIS intro under downloads/Other Media/Start Up Videos" and "Epic LauncBox Collaboration Theme"
To get this working. Simply download the intro, rename it to startup.mp4 the drop it into your ...\Launchbox\Videos\ folder.
Open BigBox/Options/general and set a  startup delay/turn off bigbox logo on start.

Programs used:

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition 3.0
Sony Vegas Pro 12 and 13
Adobe Premier
Movavi Video Converter 9
Camtasia Studio 7 and 8


Best Fonts: 
great free stock footage:
BGM used:
my album and common creative music


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