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Map File Maker


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Map File Maker


As the name says, it's a program for creating and editing MAP files. Some of the features include:

  • Quickly and easily grab your files and make working (and attractive) MAP lists for your games.
    • Parses lots of files really quickly!
    • Options to remove bracketed text, replace patterns, left and right crop, capitalize titles.
    • File naming options for the most frequently used DAT naming conventions!
      Naming conventions include:
      • No-Intro
      • ADVANsCEne
      • Good Name
      • TOSEC

    [*]Integrates GameEx's List Coloring options.

    • Enable colorization in the right-click menu (This feature is disabled by default)
    • Import your own region colorization themes
      • Easily create your own colorization schemes in Notepad using an included XML as a template!
      • Share your themes for others to download and add to their own setups!

    [*]Map File Maker uses the Software Updater Framework to search for program updates!

    • Stay ahead with the latest program version!
    • Enable or disable automatic update checking in the right click menu (This feature is disabled by default)
    • Includes an option to check now for updates for users who would rather not use automatic updating.

    [*]Comprehensive editing tools to make your MAP creation experience moar awesome!

    • Easily add and remove rows to your MAP file.
    • Hide and show columns that you want to see. Your selection is saved for next time too!
    • Clear columns with a single click!

I touched on it up there, but let me explain briefly about importing your own color schemes. There's a few already included in the install, and I'm sure most of you can figure out how it works, but here goes anyways. :)

Basically the XML has each naming convention's regions in it. All you need to do is give your "theme" a name and add your HTML color codes for each region. There's a spot for specifying a default background color for the cell also. You can do as many or as few as you want, depending on what you need. For example: If you only use No-Intro DATs, your XML might only contain No-Intro region info. A sample of the XML looks something like this:

<style name="ADVANsCEne Only">

<mfm_color_scheme></mfm_color_scheme> are the XML document root tags.

<style name="ADVANsCEne Only"> is the theme name that is displayed in the program's combobox.

<advanscene></advanscene> are the tags that determine the naming style.

<australia>CC99AA</australia> represents the region and the HTML color code to use.

They're not case sensitive. :)

Any questions or comments? Feel free to ask 'em. I also like feature requests. :)


Major props to Tempest for his Map File Magician, which was the inspiration for this simple program. If you're looking for something that's thick with great features, I highly recommend it.

Tom @ GameEx for a great front end. If you're reading any of this, how bout some flag code blocks? The code's already in there waiting! :D

Circo @ EmuMovies for hosting all my apps and having the best collection of artwork anywhere. The awesomeness of EmuMovies can't be over-stated!

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