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Video Discussion: Importing Taito Type X - LaunchBox Tutorials


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Name: Importing Taito Type X - LaunchBox Tutorials
Category: Emulation Tutorials
Date Added: 2016-07-01
Submitter: SentaiBrad

This tutorial has nothing to do with emulation but has still been wildly requested! The Taito Type X is a series of PC Arcade hardware from Japan that houses a lot of amazing Shmup, Fighting and Japanese Centric games. Some can be purchased on modern gaming consoles and through Steam on PC, but sometimes you want that inexplicable Japanese experience, and this gets you close! If you've had issues with the Taito Type X in the past then watch this tutorial to get help with it!

If you enjoy the tutorial please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more in the future!

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Importing Taito Type X - LaunchBox Tutorials
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