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FTP Issues remain?


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I see there were some issues with the FTP back on June 3rd after an upgrade. I just tried logging in but could not using Filezilla. Here is what I got:

Status:    Resolving address of files.emumovies.com
Status:    Connecting to
Status:    Connection established, waiting for welcome message...
Response:    220-EmuMovies FTP - (C)opyright 2014 EmuMovies Development Team
Response:        Your username will be your forum username followed by @emumovies.com
Response:        --Example - [email protected]
Response:    220 Your password will be your forum password. If you have any special characters in your password it will not work. If this is the case please change you password on the forum to only have letters and numbers in it.
Command:    USER [email protected]
Response:    331 Password required
Command:    PASS ********
Response:    530 User cannot log in.
Error:    Critical error: Could not connect to server
Status:    Disconnected from server

Did something change with the login process? Or is there still issues?


Edit on 6-18-16

I still cannot access anything on the ftp. Hypersync isn't working. The emumovies sync program is not showing any videos to download. Any information about the problem, when/if it is going to be fixed would be helpful. Also in the forum here, there is no link for me to add to a thread. I can only start new threads or edit my existing threads. I would have added this message to the ftp issues thread otherwise. But like I said, I can only start new. Thanks!

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