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fb alpha xbox 360 media?


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HI there

I have a complete rom set for FB Aplha emulator for the xbox 360 and I'm wanting to add samples snaps titles etc..

The thing I'm not certain of is the naming conventions of things and where to get them from.

I do know I need to convert the video files to wmv to work with the xbox 360 but that is about all I know.

I have noticed in the titles directory there is preceding code to the files and this denotes the system it supports I guess eg:

g_  md_  tg_ d_ tsx_ sgx_ pce_

the emulator emulates 5 systems mega drive, pc engine, turbo graphics, supergraphx and arcade and is based of FB Alpha

could I create media using the dsu for my setup or would I have to manually create media or is there some other way that is semi automated?


Cheers PJ


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