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New Showcase Cabinet turned Mame


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Just got this a few days ago and only paid $75 for it with a working monitor. Last couple pictures are what the guy sent me. First 2 pictures are the current pictures already have 7 buttons per player and computer running mame32 from my other machine. I am still wiring it up but 4 buttons are currently hooked up to each side, only reason is because I wanted to make sure my youngest son got to play with it since I only get him on the weekends. Needless to say he loved the big monitor. Later on through the week I will hook up the rest of the buttons. Future plans are to replace the Dell with a Amd x2 555 or something similar and motherboard, new pci-e arcadevga, usb trackball, wireless keyboard and mouse, or course new control panel overlay and marquee.





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