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    • Only downside to emulators on smartphone are that you need a separate gamepad for a good experience, and they are mostly too bulky to put in your pocket, and the ones that do fit in your pocket don't have brackets to hold the phone. Then again a vita doesn't exactly fit in pockets either...
      I wish someone would make a new device similar to the xperia play
    • Someone has cash, holy crap
    • This is A great cabinet, very Nice. Its almost precisely what I had in mind to build. Would it be possible to get your cabinet schematics? just the wood designs. I have other plans for the marquee and some additional controls id like to add. The LED blinky is also exactly what i am going for, changing colors to ID what buttons work for which sysetem/game that it running, as well as color coded. Outrageous Job on your cabinet.  PM me if its possible for those cabinet layouts
    • Proper.. Its called Henkaku for firm 3.60 and it can hack it over the web giving you root. So far there is the normal old school emus but soon we will see ds and psp can be used via vbhl effectively turning your vita into a psp. To be hounest its not very cost effective at any rate. The cards are just way to over priced. I can get a 200gb for the price of sony 68 on my phone and it emulates everything but some psp games and vita so I would use it only for that and maybe my ds games.. Depends how well the emus evolve vs androids..
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