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Super Mario Bros. Special (1986) [Sharp X1]

By pastgames, 06/23/2020

Super Mario Bros. Special is the platformer of the Mario series. It was published only in Japan, in 1986, for the NEC PC-88 and Sharp X1 computers. This is the first sequel to Super Mario Bros., which was released a few months before The Lost Levels. At first glance, it might seem that this is the port of the original game from the Nintendo NES console. However, although it may look similar, it is a completely redesigned game that does not play at all like its brother on NES. The most significant difference is that the eight worlds presented are unique to this release and have a high level of difficulty that surpasses even Super Mario Bros. 2. Also, unlike the original game, the screen does not scroll automatically. When Mario reaches the end of the screen, he appears on the left side of the next screen. The unique game of those times when Nintendo still sold the rights to its games to third-party companies that ported and released these games for other platforms.

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