Retro Style Spotlight [2-21-17] Primal Rage 2, NES Classic Is a Best Selling Console

By SentaiBrad, 03/01/2017

This week's Retro Style Spotlight showcases the Gun-Nac re-translations efforts, the Duck Tales 2 2-player Rom-Hack, the January NPD numbers showing that the NES Classic was the 3rd best selling console in January, and Primal Rage 2 is finally emulatable with a very custom version of MAME called MAME4RAGE2, and the reason behind why it took so long.

This weeks Retro Remix is entitled Dracula's Madness based on Castlevania, remixed by Sir_Nuts, and this month in gaming is all about the Final Fantasy spin off that never made it here called Bahamut Lagoon, but it does have an English patch!

Enjoy RSS, thumbs it up and subscribe for more. Enjoy!

Merging & Expanding Roms Tutorial:
Gun-Nac Re-Translation:
Duck Tales 2 2-Player:
January NPD:
Primal Rage 2 + Interview:
Primal Rage 2 Reddit Post:
Dracula's Madness OCR Page:
Dracula's Madness Video:
Bahamut Lagoon:

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