Retro Style Spotlight [11-29-16] Flying Trooper X-SERD, Last Armageddon, Planet Coaster

By SentaiBrad, 12/11/2016

In this edition of Retro Style Spotlight, I show case last weeks Retro Achievements tutorial and how awesome that service is. This weeks top stories is all about two game translations titled Flying Trooper X-SERD and Last Armageddon, a not so great looking unreleased Jaguar Fighting game called Thea Realm Fighters and an homage to Roller Coaster Tycoon in the form of Planet Coaster.

This weeks Retro Remix Song of the Week is titled To the End of the Wilderness remixed by Level 99, off the Wild Arms album ARmed and DANGerous. It's an amazing listen, and a perfect set up to the rest of the album. This month in gaming is all about the collect-a-thon platformer, Donkey Kong 64 on the N64.

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Retro Achievements Tutorial:
Flying Trooper X-SERD:
Last Armageddon:
Thea Realm Fighters:
Planet Coaster:
To the End of Wilderness:
ARmed and DANGerous:
TtEoW Video:
Donkey Kong 64:

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