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How to setup Amiga in HyperSpin!

By SIMPLYAUSTIN, 10/03/2015

As always, the full guide to get you set up with the Commodore Amiga on your HyperSpin setup. I have included everything you need and guide you through it step by step. Its a beast of an Emulator and setup but well worth the hassle. As it used a generic Joystick back in the day, its actually really good in Arcade cabs too!


As always, happy Gaming guys!

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Are there any amiga exclusives that would make having both a dos box and amiga setup worth it?

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hey austin


thanks for the tutorial and the files, they helped a lot to set up amiga on hyperspin.


The problem i have is with the default configuration file. It forces Keyboard Layout B (under Game ports -> Mouse and Joy settings -> port 2:). 

This creates a major performance problem on my setup (it is a temp setup for testing) which results in crackling hissing sound. If i delete the file the setting changes to Keyboard Layout B and i dont have any issues.


My question is what value is in the file that sets this thing and how can i change it. Also if you might have an idea why i have this performance issues. My temp setup is an msi gs60 ghost pro so it definitely has the power for it.

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you need to set it to your PC in terms of control and resolution.  Make sure you then save those setting and name the profile as what RL looks for.  Off top of my head its either AmigaHost or just Default.  I am sure that is written in the Module Notes though mate :D


Should sort out your controls and sound, performance issues :D

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