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Found 12 results

  1. View File Nintendo Wii U 3D Boxes Pack EmuMovies Official Wii U 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Notes: This is a collection of 265 Nintendo Wii U 3D Boxes I have made. About half the collection has spine art, which was all that I could find. I have included Zelda Breath Of The Wild even though it was not contained in the official Hyperlist XML. There are one are two covers at a very low resolution, unfortunately that was all I could find for those few. Submitter Robin55 Submitted 01/15/2018 Category Artwork Resolution 989x1472 Naming Convention HyperBase File Count 264  
  2. Nintendo Wii U 3D Boxes Pack

    Version 1.2


    EmuMovies Official Wii U 3D Boxes Pack Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Notes: This is a collection of 265 Nintendo Wii U 3D Boxes I have made. About half the collection has spine art, which was all that I could find. I have included Zelda Breath Of The Wild even though it was not contained in the official Hyperlist XML. There are one are two covers at a very low resolution, unfortunately that was all I could find for those few.
  3. Wii U Video Snaps

    This first post has been updated to include the whole collection. There are only two Japanese Titles missing that I couldn't find videos for. If you are able to find them please let me know. Missing Ginsei Shogi - Kyoutendo Toufuu Raijin (Japan) Gotouchi Tetsudou - Gotouchi Chara to Nihon Zenkoku no Tabi (Japan) Enjoy Barbie_and_Her_Sisters_-_Puppy_Rescue_(USA).mp4 Art Academy - Atelier (Europe).mp4 Angry Birds Trilogy (USA).mp4 Animal_Crossing_-_amiibo_Festival_(USA).mp4 Angry Birds Star Wars (USA).mp4 Amazing_Spider-Man,_The_-_Ultimate_Edition_(USA).mp4 Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (USA).mp4 Adventure_Time_-_Finn_and_Jake_Investigations_(USA).mp4 Adventure Time - Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! (USA).mp4 007_Legends_(USA).mp4 Baila_Latino_(Europe).mp4 Brunswick_Pro_Bowling_(USA).mp4 Cabela's_Big_Game_Hunter_-_Pro_Hunts_(USA).mp4 Assassin's_Creed_IV_-_Black_Flag_(USA).mp4 Assassin's_Creed_III_(USA).mp4 Barbie_Dreamhouse_Party_(USA).mp4 Batman_-_Arkham_City_-_Armored_Edition_(USA).mp4 Batman_-_Arkham_Origins_(USA).mp4 Bayonetta_(USA).mp4 Bayonetta_2_(USA).mp4 Ben_10_-_Omniverse_(USA).mp4 Ben_10_-_Omniverse_2_(USA).mp4 Book_of_Unwritten_Tales_2,_The_(USA).mp4 Cabela's_Dangerous_Hunts_2013_(USA).mp4 Call_of_Duty_-_Black_Ops_II_(USA).mp4 Call_of_Duty_-_Ghosts_(USA).mp4 Captain_Toad_-_Treasure_Tracker_(USA).mp4 Cocoto_Magic_Circus_2_(Europe).mp4 Croods, The - Prehistoric Party! (USA).mp4 Darksiders_II_(USA).mp4 Deus_Ex_-_Human_Revolution_-_Director's_Cut_(USA).mp4 Devil's_Third_(USA).mp4 Disney_Infinity_(USA).mp4 Disney_Infinity_2.0_Edition_(USA).mp4 Disney_Infinity_3.0_Edition_(USA).mp4 Donkey_Kong_Country_-_Tropical_Freeze_(USA).mp4 DuckTales_-_Remastered_(USA).mp4 Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two (USA).mp4 ESPN_Sports_Connection_(USA).mp4 F1_Race_Stars_-_Powered_Up_Edition_(Japan).mp4 Family Party - 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade (USA).mp4 Fast_&_Furious_-_Showdown_(USA).mp4 FAST_Racing_NEO_(Europe).mp4 FIFA_Soccer_13_(USA).mp4 Fit Music for Wii U (Europe).mp4 Fujiko_F._Fujio_Characters_Daishuugou!_SF_Dotabata_Party!_(Japan).mp4 Funky_Barn_(USA).mp4 Game_&_Wario_(USA).mp4 Game Party Champions (USA).mp4 Giana_Sisters_-_Twisted_Dreams_-_Director's_Cut_(USA).mp4 Guitar_Hero_Live_(USA).mp4 Hello_Kitty_Kruisers_(USA).mp4 Hot_Wheels_-_World's_Best_Driver_(USA).mp4 How_to_Train_Your_Dragon_2_(USA).mp4 Hunter's_Trophy_2_-_Europa_(Europe).mp4 Hyrule_Warriors_(USA).mp4 Injustice_-_Gods_Among_Us_(USA).mp4 Jeopardy! (USA).mp4 Jett_Tailfin_(Europe).mp4 Just_Dance_-_Disney_Party_2_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_2014_(Europe).mp4 Just_Dance_2014_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_2015_(Europe).mp4 Just_Dance_2015_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_2016_(Europe).mp4 Just_Dance_2016_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_2017_(Europe).mp4 Just_Dance_2017_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_4_(Europe).mp4 Just_Dance_4_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_Kids_2014_(USA).mp4 Just_Dance_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 Kamen_Rider_-_Battride_War_II_(Japan).mp4 Kamen_Rider_-_SummonRide_(Japan).mp4 Kirby_and_the_Rainbow_Curse_(USA).mp4 Kung_Fu_Panda_-_Showdown_of_Legendary_Legends_(USA).mp4 Legend_of_Kay_Anniversary_(USA).mp4 Legend_of_Zelda,_The_-_Breath_of_the_Wild_(Europe).mp4 Legend_of_Zelda,_The_-_The_Wind_Waker_HD_(USA).mp4 Legend_of_Zelda,_The_-_Twilight_Princess_HD_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Batman_2_-_DC_Super_Heroes_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Batman_3_-_Beyond_Gotham_(USA).mp4 LEGO_City_Undercover_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Dimensions_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Jurassic_World_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Marvel_Super_Heroes_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Marvel's_Avengers_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Movie_Videogame,_The_(USA).mp4 LEGO_Star_Wars_-_The_Force_Awakens_(USA).mp4 LEGO_The_Hobbit_(USA).mp4 Luv me Buddies Wonderland (Europe).mp4 Madden_NFL_13_(USA).mp4 Mario_&_Sonic_at_the_Rio_2016_Olympic_Games_(USA).mp4 Mario_&_Sonic_at_the_Sochi_2014_Olympic_Winter_Games_(USA).mp4 Mario_Kart_8_(USA).mp4 Mario_Party_10_(USA).mp4 Mario_Tennis_-_Ultra_Smash_(USA).mp4 Mario_vs._Donkey_Kong_-_Minna_de_Mini-Land_(Japan).mp4 Marvel_Avengers_-_Battle_for_Earth_(USA).mp4 Mass_Effect_3_-_Special_Edition_(USA).mp4 Mighty_No._9_(USA).mp4 Minecraft_-_Wii_U_Edition_(USA).mp4 Monster_High_-_13_Wishes_(USA).mp4 Monster_High_-_New_Ghoul_in_School_(USA).mp4 Monster_Hunter_3_Ultimate_(USA).mp4 NBA_2K13_(USA).mp4 Need_for_Speed_-_Most_Wanted_U_(USA).mp4 NES Remix Pack (USA).mp4 New_Super_Luigi_U_(USA).mp4 New_Super_Mario_Bros._U_(USA).mp4 New_Super_Mario_Bros._U_+_New_Super_Luigi_U_(USA).mp4 Ninja_Gaiden_3_-_Razor's_Edge_(USA).mp4 Nintendo_Land_(USA).mp4 One_Piece_-_Unlimited_World_Red_(Europe).mp4 Pac-Man_and_the_Ghostly_Adventures_(USA).mp4 Pac-Man_and_the_Ghostly_Adventures_2_(USA).mp4 Paper_Mario_Color_Splash_(USA).mp4 Peanuts_Movie,_The_-_Snoopy's_Grand_Adventure_(USA).mp4 Penguins of Madagascar (USA).mp4 Phineas and Ferb - Quest for Cool Stuff (USA).mp4 Pikmin_3_(USA).mp4 Planes_(USA).mp4 Planes_-_Fire_&_Rescue_(USA).mp4 Pokken_Tournament_(USA).mp4 Project Zero - Maiden of Black Water (Europe).mp4 Puyo_Puyo_Tetris_(Japan).mp4 Rabbids_Land_(USA).mp4 Rapala_Pro_Bass_Fishing_(USA).mp4 Rayman_Legends_(USA).mp4 Resident_Evil_-_Revelations_(USA).mp4 Rise_of_the_Guardians_(USA).mp4 Rodea_the_Sky_Soldier_(USA).mp4 Runbow_-_Deluxe_Edition_(USA).mp4 Ryu_ga_Gotoku_1_&_2_HD_for_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 Ryu_ga_Gotoku_1_HD_for_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 Ryu_ga_Gotoku_2_HD_for_Wii_U_(Japan).mp4 San Goku Shi 12 with Power-Up Kit (Japan).mp4 Scribblenauts_Unlimited_(USA).mp4 Scribblenauts_Unmasked_-_A_DC_Comics_Adventure_(USA).mp4 Shin_Hokuto_Musou_(Japan).mp4 Shovel_Knight_(USA).mp4 SiNG_Party_(USA).mp4 Skylanders_-_Spyro_no_Daiboken_(Japan).mp4 Skylanders_Giants_(USA).mp4 Skylanders_Imaginators_(USA).mp4 Skylanders_SuperChargers_(USA).mp4 Skylanders_Swap_Force_(USA).mp4 Skylanders_Trap_Team_(USA).mp4 Smurfs_2,_The_(USA).mp4 Sniper_Elite_V2_(USA).mp4 Sonic_&_All-Stars_Racing_Transformed_(USA).mp4 Sonic_-_Lost_World_(USA).mp4 Sonic_Boom_-_Rise_of_Lyric_(USA).mp4 Splatoon_(USA).mp4 SpongeBob_SquarePants_-_Plankton's_Robotic_Revenge_(USA).mp4 Star_Fox_Guard_(USA).mp4 Star_Fox_Zero_(USA).mp4 SteamWorld Collection (USA).mp4 Super_Mario_3D_World_(USA).mp4 Super_Mario_Maker_(USA).mp4 Super_Smash_Bros._for_Wii_U_(USA).mp4 Taiko_no_Tatsujin_-_Atsumete_Tomodachi_Daisakusen!_(Japan).mp4 Taiko_no_Tatsujin_-_Tokumori!_(Japan).mp4 Taiko_no_Tatsujin_-_Wii_U_Version_(Japan).mp4 Tank!_Tank!_Tank!_(USA).mp4 Tekken_Tag_Tournament_2_-_Wii_U_Edition_(USA).mp4 Terraria (USA).mp4 Teslagrad_(Europe).mp4 Tokyo_Mirage_Sessions__FE_(USA).mp4 Tom_Clancy's_Splinter_Cell_-_Blacklist_(USA).mp4 Transformers_-_Rise_of_the_Dark_Spark_(USA).mp4 Transformers_Prime_-_The_Game_(USA).mp4 Tumblestone (USA).mp4 Turbo_-_Super_Stunt_Squad_(USA).mp4 Voice,_The_-_I_Want_You_(USA).mp4 Walking_Dead,_The_-_Survival_Instinct_(USA).mp4 Warriors_Orochi_3_Hyper_(USA).mp4 Watch_Dogs_(USA).mp4 Wheel of Fortune (USA).mp4 Wii_Fit_U_(USA).mp4 Wii_Party_U_(USA).mp4 Wii_Sports_Club_(USA).mp4 Wipeout_-_Create_&_Crash_(USA).mp4 Wipeout_3_(USA).mp4 Wonderful_101,_The_(USA).mp4 Xenoblade_Chronicles_X_(USA).mp4 Yo-Kai_Watch_Dance_-_Just_Dance_Special_Version_(Japan).mp4 Yoshi's_Woolly_World_(USA).mp4 Your_Shape_-_Fitness_Evolved_2013_(USA).mp4 Zelda_Breath_of_the_Wild_(USA).mp4 ZombiU (USA).mp4 Zumba_Fitness_World_Party_(USA).mp4
  4. Wii U Covers

    View File Wii U Covers Only Disney Infinity 3.0 missing. I cannot find a high res image. Submitter mccorkled Submitted 12/15/2016 Category Boxes Resolution 768x1080 Naming Convention Game Name (Region).png Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 158  
  5. I've used HyperSync and looked on the FTP but I can't find a complete wheel set for PSP and Wii nor can I find a complete video set or other artwork such as a good sized set of fades, bezels, etc. I mainly need wheels (for HyperSpin) and videos, though. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks, --J
  6. Wii artwork

    Hey everyone I am looking for some Wii video snaps and wheel art work to finish up my kids Arcade build any help would be great. Thanks
  7. Wii artwork

    Hey everyone I am looking for some Wii video snaps and wheel art work to finish up my kids Arcade build any help would be great. Thanks
  8. Mario Kart Wii (Without Mirror) View File The default video for Mario Kart Wii is flipped upside down and mirrored. This video is in it's proper orientation. Submitter Pizzaboy140 Submitted 02/11/2017 Category Game Videos Resolution Naming Convention Mario Kart Wii Frame Rate {option} Total Files in Collection 0 File Count 0  
  9. Name: Super Mario 3D world on the Wii U now in 4K Category: News and Entertainment Date Added: 2017-02-08 Submitter: SIMPLYAUSTIN Super Mario 3D world now blown up and running on 4K resolution in the Cemu EMualtor... SPOILER... it looks AWESOME! Super Mario 3D world on the Wii U now in 4K
  10. Name: EMU-NATION: Wii U emulator Performance Tests Category: News and Entertainment Date Added: 2016-11-23 Submitter: SIMPLYAUSTIN EmuNation is today covering the Nintendo Wii U Emulator, Cemu and its current build of 1.6.3. I am looking at how its performing with various games such as Mario, Zelda, StarFox and other AAA titles released on this system. EMU-NATION: Wii U emulator Performance Tests
  11. Name: Bliss-Box Kickstarter: The Ultimate Video Game Controller Adapter Category: News and Entertainment Date Added: 2016-05-13 Submitter: AV Archivist Bliss-Box Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/544088930/bliss-box-4-play-universal-video-game-controller-a/description Bliss-Box Homepage: 4-play.bliss-box.net Bliss-Box Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Bliss-Box-The-Ultimate-Controller-USB-Adapter-155460814471374/?fref=ts Get ready for the best opportunity to bring your gaming experience to the next level! The Bliss-Box 4-play is a universal video game controller adapter system that lets you use virtually any peripheral ever made on your PC, Mac, PS3, Android, or pretty much any other USB device. Bliss-Box is kicking off its Kickstarter campaign in support of an impressive expansion to its already peerless level of compatibility, empowering you to game with even the most obscure peripherals. Don't miss out! This is going to be the best time to buy a Bliss-Box 4-play or to perfect your collection. This is not a paid advertisement. I am a passionate volunteer promoting a product I personally use and believe in. Gaming culture and history are important and I firmly believe that Bliss-Box has a fundamental role to play in preserving the verisimilitude of gaming experiences through the ages. What we play is just as important as how we play it and nothing beats the real thing. Bliss-Box lets you hold the past in your hands and play games exactly how they're meant to be played. You can also play modern games with challenging controller combinations to up the fun factor. I sincerely hope you choose to help support this fantastic project! Credits: HyperSpin Cinematic Themes: James Baker https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxNgRrtLSth94xOHNUHqUfw Background Music: OC ReMix #2091: Final Fantasy V 'The Path to Glory' [Main Theme of FINAL FANTASY V] by Sixto Sounds ReMixer: Sixto Sounds http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02091/ FREE at http://ocremix.org • SHIRTS & HOODIES! http://ocremix.org/store/ • DONATE! http://bit.ly/ocrPayPal Facebook! http://facebook.com/ocremix • Twitter! http://twitter.com/ocremix Bliss-Box Kickstarter: The Ultimate Video Game Controller Adapter
  12. Name: Wii & GameCube on a Low end PC Category: Emulation Tutorials Date Added: 2016-05-13 Submitter: SIMPLYAUSTIN Wii & GameCube on a Low end PC