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  1. Dunno, I have version 1.0.5 of the 3D Boxes you created. In that there was no UMK3 or HSF3. The others were just nicer versions, as in, nicer cover art. Not aware of this other set you speak of from this other user. Where do I find?
  2. Think I clicked something wrong the first time, so apologies if this results in a double post. Thanks for providing the template. I have added a few new boxes which you are welcome to incorporate into your collection, hopefully other users might find them useful. More will be added... when I can be bothered. 😉
  3. Hey mate, Do you have a template version of this? I'd like to make some contributions or at least, make ones for my setup. So far, I've just done some hacky jobs in Photoshop but I'd like something so the gloss isn't guessed on my part and accurately follows your design. Thanks, Rufoo.
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