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  1. Up until a week ago I had not heard of Launch Box/Big Box, and up until today I had not heard of Emu Movies. But here I am. Months ago I cobbled together an arcade machine, but never got around to installing a nice front end. That has now changed. EmuMovies database content downloading as I type. From what I can see you guys and this community are a godsend for emulation in general. Awesome! Still to do List: Acquire tankstick skin/cover. Using X-Arcade controller because I'm lazy. And of course sort out my rom collections and emulators. Mess of stuff inside, an old gaming rig with Radeon Fury gpu. Overkill for older emulation but I intend to set dolphin and cemu up as well for wii/wiiu. Also pcsx2 for ps2. I also went overkill on the sound system. Black box top right of interior shot is a subwoofer. Things get loud. I'm more into old PC games/Amiga. But this is nice too. Gonna go check out some threads. Wish you all a good day!