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  1. $5 a gallon?

    Good thing we didn't. It's nice to look at posts like this six years later, and find out how correct they were in hindsight.
  2. Super Mario RPG 2, am I the only one?

    I think it was related Final Fantasy VII, and Square wanting the N64 to use CDs, so they broke ties with Nintendo and went over to Sony. I'm sure that wasn't the only reason, but it was a major one.
  3. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    MGalaxy is a very underrated front-end. It's like Launch Box, but with more free content.
  4. Best emulator for each system?

    Yes, Project 64 can have ransomware, it is only in later versions like 2.3. I've used 1.6 for years without any problems. 2.1 is also safe, but 1.6 is a much better emulator anyways.
  5. Best emulator for each system?

    Sega: Kega Fusion SNES: SNES9x Gameboy: Visual Boy Advance PlayStation: ePSXe PSP: PPSSPP N64: Project 64 1.6 NES: VirtuaNES I also occasionally use Retro Arch, but it lacks many of the features, such as up-scaling, that many single system emulators have.
  6. The First Video Game I Ever Played Was...

    My first game was Soul Calibur II for the GameCube. Everyone else has 80s games as their first game and here I am with one from 2003. Makes me feel like the child I am. Seriously, I feel like I'm the only one under 21 on this site.
  7. I prefer using zipped files unless my emulator does not allow it. It takes up less space, and is less of a hassle to organize. I just wish that more emulators would support them.