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  1. Yeah definitely too bad she wasn't involved with the game since they made the effort to work with the crew and other cast to try and make something special. From what I can tell then her first time voicing Sarah Connor in a video game is from a Gears 5 pre-order bonus Terminator: Dark Fate character pack this past month; which is kind of weird.
  2. I am using the following ones on my phone with a DualShock 4 Controller: SNES: Snes9x EX+ GameBoy/Gameboy Colour: My Oldboy! GameBoy Advance: My Boy! PlayStation: ePSXe PlayStation Portable: PPSSPP
  3. I've been doing the same thing as I'm setting up Launchbox again on our living room computer. I tried Retroarch briefly a few years ago but the cores I tried for PlayStation where missing things from ePSXe that I couldn't get over. I am planning to probably try it again for N64 due to the issues with newer versions of Project 64, but for now I don't mind setting up different emulators for each system as I'm used to it. My wife and I mainly play consoles so this is what I've been using so far on Windows 10: NES: Mesen SNES: Snes9x PlayStation: ePSXe PlayStation 2: PCSX2 Gamecube: Dolphin On my phone I also use a few: SNES: Snes9x EX+ GameBoy/GameBoy Colour: My Oldboy! GameBoy Advance: My Boy! PlayStation: ePSXe PlayStation Portable: PPSSPP
  4. This is my wife's favourite movie and one of her favourite arcade games. Interesting to know why Linda Hamilton didn't film any extra content when the other actors did.
  5. I have been using Launchbox in BigBox mode for a few years and am still super happy with it. Haven't even looked at any other front ends in a while.
  6. Just built a Mini-ITX system to replace some old consoles and a big decision in doing that was Launchbox.
  7. Either PBA Bowling on the Intellivision or Gorillas in MS-DOS, can't remember exactly which one as I was around 3 or 4.
  8. Hi everyone, I came across Launchbox (which led me here) as my wife and I just built a Mini-ITX system to take the place of a few Retrons and a bunch of old consoles and clear up some space in our living room.
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