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  1. I don't even know what to say. The problem isn't minor. The gameplay framerate drops consistently, and as a result, the audio goes in and out constantly. How you're not hearing/seeing that is perplexing.
  2. Except I linked to the video, and you can clearly see the problem.
  3. I just got a subscription for EmuMovies (I wanted to use Sync for Launchbox). Overall it's great, but I'm finding that some gameplay videos are really bad. Terrible emulation, emulators not running at full speed, low quality, etc. Is there any way for someone to update those videos on the site? Edit: Is there any quality control with the videos? I downloaded some for the Gamecube and every single video has stuttering from Dolphin, as if whoever recorded the videos had underpowered hardware. Some of this isn't remotely close. How does this get put up? https://streamable.com/1n911
  4. No matter what browser I use, when I go to the page to upgrade my account subscription, this is all I see: Anyone know why? EDIT: NVM. Figured it out.
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