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  1. well i am using the one which was posted in some of the threads here which works fine also i don't feel any framedrop when capturing? i have done a few of the sammy atomiswave because im not member and want 480p would i not be able to contribute with videos then? - capture and edit with camtasia studio - normalize with Video gain
  2. Hi I have been fiddling with camtasia studio 8 and the normalizing audio to keep every video on same level and i was thinking. you can set the audio variation in Camtasia Studio with custom settings, can't we match the same settings? instead of using programs such as Video Gain or aacgain for normalize the audio.. that would be easier.
  3. Version 1.0


    I intended to do the "Best System Intro Movie" in better quality but ended up with this instead, Includes: new song: Gunlord - Main title Games that time forgot (edited) Hyperspin Original intro (edited) MTV Game Award 09 (edited) Sound effects from Pond5.com and Soundsnap.com it's 720p (some of it upscaled) not the mtv part though. hope you like it.
  4. Agree with ReggaeSoul.. an HD version of this wonderful intro would be awesome
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