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  1. Games won't start in RetroFE

    Hey Phulshof, Thanks for the quick answer! I tried asking it here because I'm waiting for my account to be verified on the RetroFE forums ;) Thanks for the tip, I'll take a look at it, it sure will be usefull! :)
  2. Hello, I've been trying to get the RetroFE launcher to work with RetroArch, but it still refuses to start the game, I've tried looking in all the different configs and wiki's, but still with no difference... :'( The log from RetroFE shows that the game is found and launched, but RetroArch didn't show up, no errors or pop-ups. I'm new in the mame community so I don't know much yet abaout the programs, but i'll try my best to cooperate in every way possible! :) Thanks in advance! log.txt