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  1. Sorry for late reply/update but I recently clean installed retropie, installed your version of this theme, added the roms and scraped the metadata, artwork and videos with Skraper and voila everything worked 100%...until I updated the data by scraping again and then the box art got stretched again. So it seems that updating the scraped data causes the problem but a clean reinstallation of the whole thing works 100%.
  2. I too have the same problem. I did however get it to work properly at 1 stage (can't remember how) but I did something (can't remember what) and it went back to doing the same thing. I just gave up and decided to keep it like that. You get used to it after a while. Try using 3D box art instead of 2D. Looks a little bit better.
  3. Hi MLSchleps. Quick question. Your version of this theme works perfectly on the latest retropie version on my raspberry pi 3B+ but Simply Austins original version on the FTP shows a black screen with a lightning bolt on startup and stays like that. I'm using a genuine raspberry pi 5V 2.5A power supply so my pi isn't being under-powered. RetroPie, recalbox, batocera and lakka all work perfectly on the same 64GB sandisk ultra micro sd card that i put the original version on so I cant understand why the original version is showing the thunderbolt and nothing else. Do you possibly have any idea? Another problem I just recently got with your theme is the box arts are cut off a little on the left side. I've tried resizing them to the correct sizes you mentioned above but no change. Tried increasing and decreasing the sizes and its still cut off no matter what sizes the box arts are. Any ideas?
  4. Hey guys. It's been (or almost been) 3 years since the last poll so lets start a new one for 2019 shall we?
  5. Degrading fast but its a long story and completely off-topic to this thread so yeah lets leave it at that. X-)
  6. I wouldn't exactly say hail like its a good thing but yeah. You lucky you in USA.
  7. Nah it shouldn't change anything. if your videos worked with your games on hyperspin then they should just automatically work on LB as long as you got the videos in their correct platform folders.
  8. Yes you should be able to import all your emumovies content into launch box without re-downloading anything. You just install Launch Box wherever you want, import all your games into Launch Box and cut/copy and paste your platform videos into "(Launch Box Folder)\Videos\Platforms" and your game gameplay videos into "(Launch Box Folder)\Videos\(Platform folder that your videos belong to)." The same applies to your images but instead of going into the Videos folder, you go into the Images folder. Make sure your platform videos and platform images have the same name as the platform on Launchbox which is usually the full name, not abbreviations (For example: Game Boy Advance, not GBA) and your gameplay videos and images must have the exact same name as your roms. I'm sure thats all obvious and you already done all that but I just thought I'd mention it anyway. Once thats all done, they should all play on BigBox automatically but if you dont have Launch Box Premium, then you can get the gameplay videos to play in Launch Box Next by going to Tools/Options/General/Game Details and under "Show", tick "Video" option and click OK.
  9. I agree with you on mGalaxy's ease of setup and user friendliness but IMO there are a few problems with mgalaxy: 1 - Not updated often enough. the latest version 6.2 was released December 2016. 2 - the premium features are nice but theres not enough premium features to justify the price for premium. 3 - only has 1 GUI to choose games from. However what I love about mgalaxy is the voice that says "launching game" when you select a game. I havent found any similar feature in any other frontend so far.
  10. If you think LB has too much configuration then try setting up and configuring HyperSpin. OMG what a nightmare
  11. I tried it out and it looks good but it requires manual editing of text files like hyperspin and emulationstation to fully setup which i hate doing so thats a no no for me. I downloaded RL to see wat its like. Number 1: Why on earth would the developer put a password on the archive download of his program which is free for the public to download??? Anyways, found the password and wen I try to start RL it gives some error message and nothing starts or appears. WTF??? Needless to say it took a one way trip to the recycle bin and beyond. stick with LB IMO
  12. o ok thanks. their old site said last updated 2015 and didnt no they moved. i'll give it a shot today and c wat its like.
  13. My current setup is Controller Companion steam software to control my entire pc with my controller, kodi for media center usage with bigbox addon for retro gaming and steam addon for PC Gaming and RetroArch as my emulator frontend. I've tried most other available frontends and launchbox/bigbox is the winner for me. hyperspin is too complex to setup, Both retro fe and emulationstation havn't been updated since 2015 and the bitdefender trafficlight extension shows a malware warning message when i go onto retro fe website which i no is a false positive but still bad, rom collection browser and attractmode are a little bit tricky to setup but not near as much as hyperspin, gameEX crashes when I'm configuring settings and some of the themes take over a minute to load and u need the premium version to import ur steam games whereas launchbox does it on its non-premium version and mgalaxy doesn't have as many options and features as launchbox/bigbox and doesn't have a kodi addon but IMO is actually quite a decent alternative if u want a free frontend with a GUI for HTPCs (bigbox costs $20 for 1 year license and $50 for lifetime license but IMO its definitely worth it) and if u don't want to manually configure text files like hyperspin and emulationstation requires u to (mgalaxy's Runway setup has a windowed GUI to use ur mouse and keyboard to select and modify settings).
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