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  1. I think the new Game Boy EM2.5 has the same issue. Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Metroid II - Return of Samus, and Super Mario Land are in color and noticeably lower quality compared to the previous copies I have, which are grayscale and crisp in appearance.
  2. Also, a number of the videos have regressed in quality/bitrate. Not sure how many but it seems to have been a fair number of them. After renaming the files to match my collection, my 543 videos made from the new EM2.4 (SQ) totals 592MB, and my previous folder of 543 SQ videos was 1.03GB. International Superstar Soccer '99 (Europe).mp4 International Superstar Soccer 99 (USA) (SGB Enhanced) (GB Compatible).mp4 NBA Jam '99 (USA, Europe).mp4 NBA Jam 99 (USA, Europe) (GB Compatible).mp4
  3. This only applies to the FTP, and the SQ versions. Does not apply to the HQ folder AFAIK. "International Superstar Soccer '99 (Europe)" "International Superstar Soccer 2000 (USA)" are the same video, both being "International Superstar Soccer '99 (Europe)"
  4. Thanks for these DR, I love your work and use everything you create. 🙂 Here's a couple I made recently that fill two gaps in my collection (I wish I could fix the back inlay, but they'll do):
  5. Here's a few that were either low quality, or had that sort of "paper texture" to them.
  6. Hey there, thanks for pointing that one out! I noticed problems with a few other boxes, so I did them in the same style. I can't find the template used for this set ANYWHERE, so I just used some good covers, perspective warp, and a clipping mask. If I find any more I'll post 'em.
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