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  1. Not trying to seem petty, but those are my templates. Goofers made the the Euro ones on the Dreamcast set. I came here because I got a notification of a mention, but I'm not seeing it. 🙂
  2. Awesome work, thanks for this. Part 29 is corrupt, just wanted to give you a heads up. I downloaded it twice.
  3. I know what you mean... I haven't been using photoshop long, and when I open up someone else's template for something I learn something new more often than not. As for the curved lid... honestly I don't think I was paying too close attention to the details, I just hated the way perfectly 90 degree angles looked, and I wanted to add slight curvature in some way. I warped the bottom and added the curved top, but I didn't actually study any photos to see if I got it right. :) Are you saying it's accurate the way we did it? Not sure I followed your last post. The 3D SNES box project was kinda quick and dirty. My main focus was historical accuracy (actual scans and photos, minimal touchup, the colors aren't way too vibrant, the blacks aren't jet black, the whites aren't bright white, the boxes aren't cleaner than they would be brand new), and authenticity. The other set on the HS forum looks cleaner but I didn't like the generic 'SNES' sides, and they just look 'too clean.' I like the grittiness. However that said, if I cared a bit more I probably would go back through and touch up a bit. It's far from a perfect set. It suits my needs - authentic, and historically accurate.
  4. Part of the gimmick with this set was that they were 'authentic.' The colors weren't retouched, dust specs weren't removed, etc. - we wanted to retain the worn, grainy look of the actual scans.
  5. Honestly slicing out the 3 layers is all we did. I don't think I cleaned up a single image, even a few that probably needed it (like Ys III). :) The scans were good quality for the most part. The only cleaning I did was the Europe games - we had to use actual photos (typically ebay).
  6. Alright, so: Step 1: Open photoshop (with no images, just blank with nothing loaded) Step 2: Drag and drop SNES v4.atn into the open photoshop window Step 3: Open New_Template_V2 Step 4: Open Example file Step 5: Run 'SNES Batch v2' action from the 'SNES group' Done, file is saved and closed. Key notes: Layers have to be the same size, placement, and named exactly the same (e.g. '1,' for the face, '2' for the side, and '3' for the bottom). We had planned on doing something with the bottom, but it never happened because there were too many missings and source artwork is hard to find. The 'action' still looks for it though, so if you make your own stuff, just make a '3' layer and fill it with black or something. SNES_3d_boxes.zip
  7. If you want that overlay file I might be able to track it down. I can give you the 'action' file also (you just drag and drop it into an open photoshop window without any projects open).
  8. See the thing is, we had a single overlay file with all of the effects merged into a single layer (IIRC). The png files you see - they did have 3 layers, but it was only 'face,' 'side,' and 'bottom.' There was nothing special going on there. I wrote an action that would skew the 3 layers appropriately, then copy the overlay file overtop of the skewed layers.
  9. They were stored as png to save space - it would have been several gb if I remember correctly to store them as .psd. But I'm curious.... why do you need PSD? The image quality wasn't lost by storing them as png.
  10. http://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/15636-super-nintendo-real-3d-box-set/
  11. I'll have to look into that and get back with you... I had planned on uploading the source art as png files, but got sidetracked/lost interest. It's all there somewhere.
  12. @wallmachine if you have Launchbox installed you should let it download media for 2D boxes - the 2D artwork they are using is UHD for most of the games. There is some inauthenticity involved - I noticed some of the fonts are wrong, and for far too many of the games, he/she/they used that crappy Super Nintendo logo that's floating around the net with way too blocky contours on the outside, but the actual artwork is top notch. If you don't want to have Launchbox install any media, you can download my 'Ultimate SNES v2' pack, it has most of the current LaunchBox assets.
  13. View File Nintendo Satellaview Logos Pack System and Game Logos for the Nintendo Satellaview Availability - Site, FTP Submitter SupraKarma Submitted 04/20/2018 Category Artwork Resolution Naming Convention File Count 97  
  14. Version 1.1


    System and Game Logos for the Nintendo Satellaview Availability - Site, FTP
  15. It is extremely bad judgement to ask someone who's work you freely took to do more - you clearly don't appreciate anything. if you want the PCE games done, why don't you do it yourself and share it with the community, instead of just expecting someone else to do it?
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