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  1. Did you get the Sega Genesis Mini Image to work?  If you need help, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

  2. I am just after the theme.xml, the theme is called Motion Blue,its here "RETROPIE\configs\all\emulationstation\themes\motionblue" ...?? I don't have any money at the moment.I don't have access to the FTP.
  3. Hi I have version 1.4 and the box art it not coming up in front off the video,can you please share your theme.xml for this please,I am trying to fix it or you can post the code at the bottom of the them.xml (or the whole theme.xml),where it says ... <view name="video"> <image name="crt" extra="true"> <path>./_inc/images/overlay.png</path> </image> <image name="md_marquee"> <origin>5 5</origin> <pos>1 1</pos> </image> <video name="md_video"> <origin>0.5 0.5</origin> <pos>0.285 0.475</pos> <size>0.49 0.66</size> <delay>0.01</delay> <default>./_inc/videos/static.mp4</default> <showSnapshotNoVideo>true</showSnapshotNoVideo> <showSnapshotDelay>true</showSnapshotDelay> <delay>2</delay> </video> <image name="md_marquee"> <pos>0.19 0.017</pos> <origin>0 0</origin> <maxSize>0.2 0.1.4</maxSize> </image> </view> </theme> Thanks..
  4. I thought I share this,I noticed there was not a 3D BOX Art for the Mega CD game Flashback Europe,only for US 3D boxes.I know I still need to add the games name on the side of the case,I just wanted to see if I could make it,I used Photoshop pasted it together. Just edit again.. 🙂 added name and the gray dots at the side of the case next to the name. This is the Sega Mega CD 3D Boxes I use on my Raspberry PI 3 with Retropie and I copied so it matches them. https://emumovies.com/files/file/3518-sega-mega-cd-3d-boxes-pack-europe/ If you want to use it,I have no problem with it.
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