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  1. Has anyone seen this? https://www.facebook.com/hsbolton/ Is this a bit like the hard drives that are being sold that have everything set up, along with dodgy spyware and key loggers? Nick
  2. I'm trying to rebuild my MAME system after a motherboard died. I have the MAME romset 0.151. I'm downloading the video snaps to go on it to make it look a bit better but I see that they are marked 0.166. Will my older romset work with these or will I need to update it? Also how do you update it? Nick
  3. Hi I'm Nick from Scotland. I've got an old Sega New Net City cab that someone gutted only leaving the monitor and PSU. I built a computer and installed MAME on it and that ran fine until the BIOS chip on the motherboard packed up and took out the partition on the hard drive. I'm now looking at building a new computer to go in the cab this time with a frontend and as many bells and whistles as I can get. If anyone has any advice on a good Frontend that will run fullscreen and look good in this type of cab then give me a shout. Nick
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