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  1. How can we judge after only looking for youtube video? How can I try it? Some links? I know it's on the EmuMovies FTP but I do not have acces yet. Is it avalible somewhere else?
  2. Was tryin' Hyperspinn but now Launchbox is my fav.
  3. Hi all. My nick is vahacris, im from Poland. 35 years on neck so I basiccaly grew up with SNES/NES and COMMODORE 64/AMIGA. That's my childchood. I use different emulators for different systems to this day. Now I try to f*ck with Launchbox, so there's a need for screenshots/infos about games. This way I find emumovies site. I can't believe that so many peps still interested in retro gaming when all this new shiny games/systems are on market. New games are plastic/without souls for me, and oldies got that soul. That's all for now folks. See Ya.
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