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  1. I used the FTP and found folders with 480p videos and downloaded those :)
  2. Hi guys, new member here and delighted to be part of the community, I signed up to EmuMovies last Friday and went for the Lifetime membership. I have installed Launchbox/Big Box as my frontend and was busy over the weekend setting up my systems and importing all my games. I added my EmuMovies details to Launchbox and started scraping all of my games for metadata, boxart, and video snaps. I chose to download HQ versions of all of my video snaps I am using a 4k tv and wanted the best quality videos possible but I thought that the quality of the videos that were downloaded were SQ when I view them in Launchbox. I know that it will default to SQ if no HQ version of a video is available I guess, but what made me look into it was when I scraped all of my MAME roms and it completed with an error relating to HQ video. I am not sure of the exact error, but it made me look into it further. I decided to log in to EmuMovies to get a few HQ videos that I was missing, like the SuperGrafx platform intro. I found one and downloaded it but it appears quite pixelated on my tv. When I browse for videos on EmuMovies I see that "Videos (HQ)(Club)" is kinda greyed out. Is this because there are no HQ videos for this platform, or something to do with my account details not being active for Lifetime Membership? I've attached a screenshot below to show what I mean. http://imgur.com/2nVETnW What is the resolution of HQ and SQ videos? Mine all appear to be 640 x 480 and some are 60fps while others are 30fps. Hopefully someone can answer my questions? Thanks in advance.
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